Ayurveda and Children

When it comes to children’s health, parents want the best and the safest remedy. Not only because we love our children but also for multiple other reasons. First, children are still growing and we must be careful that whatever they are given is safe, without any harmful side effects, short term or long term; second, some thing which has healing as well as nourishing properties; third, something which will work with their body and their personality and; fourth, something which improves their all round growth, physical, mental and spiritual.

When it comes to children’s health there is no better choice than Ayurvedic medicine. Ayurveda, the 6,000 year old system of medicine has its roots in Vedas, Ayur means life and veda means science. It deals with every aspect of life.

When a child is seen by an Ayurvedic physician, every part of child’s life will be in consideration i.e. home environment, school environment, friends circle, their thinking and decision making ability, physical and mental abilities. Diet will be discussed in detail with child as well as parents, sleeping habits, their behavior at school and at home. Child’s body-type or metabolic type will be determined.

When choosing a treatment, a combination of herbs will be selected based on the child’s body-type or metabolic type. It makes sure that the herbs or combination of herbs will produce desired effects in the body and will support the body’s natural power of healing. Ayurveda offers a personalized approach to healing.

Dietary changes will be recommended, exercises or yoga postures may be suggested if needed.

Children of today are under a lot of stress. Peer pressure, not enough sleep because of home work and T.V. time, processed foods and not enough nutrition or foods high in sugar and carbohydrates causing increasing incidence of ADD/ADHD, Asthma and other breathing problems, Obesity, immunity related problems and lot of other diseases which were not common in children about three decades ago.

When it comes to children, parents have to be involved. A quality family time is extremely important for our children’s overall growth. Closeness with parents, their warm hug or touch means a lot.

When we talk about Ayurveda, we are talking about the path of health and healing. It is a life style change and it is better to choose prevention at an early age. For your children’s health and wellness, talk to an Ayurvedic specialist. You will be glad you did. Treatments and therapies are safe, nourishing, rejuvenating and prevent any further damage to the body.

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