Boost Immunity With An Ayurvedic Seasonal Detox

Boost Immunity With An Ayurvedic Seasonal Detox

Boost Immunity With An Ayurvedic Seasonal Detox

Posted On July 29, 2022,

Ayurveda’s approach to keeping the immune system strong is maintaining a balance of body, mind and spirit. One way to achieve this is by incorporating a seasonal detox into your health program. Seasonal changes disrupt the body’s equilibrium, and detoxing will help the body adjust to those changes.


The signature Ayurvedic detoxification program is panchakarma, a series of therapies that loosen toxins and remove them from the body through the skin, urine or feces. One of the therapies, swedana, uses steam and medicinal herbs specific to the patient’s condition.


At Dr. Kaushik’s Ayurvedic & Naturopathic Clinic, swedana is enhanced with the use of ozone. This combination of steam, herbs and ozone provides an accelerated detox. Ozone has multiple mechanisms of action that stimulate detoxification and provide healing. Ozone reduces inflammation by mobilizing the body’s antioxidant defense mechanism and immobilizing free radicals that cause damage to our bodies. Because it activates cytokines, the immune-related messenger molecules, ozone is a potent immune-system regulator. Balancing an overactive or underactive immune system can be helpful in all chronic or acute conditions.


We know that an adequate amount of oxygen is critical for bodily functions. Without that amount the body does not function at its optimal level and becomes vulnerable to pathogens and illness. In addition, ozone increases the amount of oxygen in our red blood cells thereby increasing our energy level. And, by repairing and rejuvenating the body at the cellular level, ozone is one of the most powerful anti-aging therapies.


During a swedana treatment, the steam opens the skin’s pores and the ozone seeps through to reach fat, lymph and blood cells, allowing toxins to be released. The body is detoxed and oxygenated at the same time. Swedana with ozone increases circulation, reduces inflammation, relaxes muscles, rejuvenates tissues, relieves stress and improves digestion and mobility. And since toxins are stored in fat tissue, their removal results in the loss of fat as well.


Swedana can be used individually for the treatment of many chronic conditions or in combination with the other components of panchakarma for a fully effective detoxification program. A full detox program may include diet, supplements, herbal medicine, homeopathy and lifestyle counseling, including therapeutic yoga exercises, breathing techniques and tips for maintaining a positive attitude.


It is important to undertake a detox program with a practitioner who has experience with the process to avoid pitfalls, as a regimen that works for one may not work for another. Dr. Kaushik’s clinic is now open five days a week to accommodate patient schedules and provide swedana along with the other therapies of panchakarma.

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